Happy moment in my life essay

happy moment in my life essay

Essay happy moment in life

He would sit at the piano for hours on end playing different well known songs as making up his own little tunes. He had taught my grandma how to play and I felt it was about time that I learnt. So when I was staying with my grandma and grandpa during the summer, i asked her to teach. She was delighted to and now it's something nice that we can both do together and bond over. I believe music effects people in many different ways. To me music is more than just something to listen to or play, it's something to feel. Music is extremely important in my life. I think it brings me closer to my friends and family.

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Listening to reviews other musical artists that I like gives me inspiration. My guitar teacher also points me in the and right direction and gives me guidance as I need. I love to just sit with my guitar and make up random lyrics about past experiences or what I'm going through at the moment. I started learning how to play the guitar last year and within the past few months I have fallen completely and utterly in love with. Once i start playing, i find it extremely hard to put the guitar down again. It's very addictive and can also be distracting sometimes. It distracts me from my homework since my guitar sits right next to my desk. Playing guitar is one of the only things in my life in which I don't feel pressurized to do well. I think this is because i have a great teacher and she doesn't push me to the music exams. This past summer my grandma taught me how to play the piano. I had always heard stories about how my great grandfather, her father, was brilliant at the piano.

Songs can paint a picture, for example in classical and country music where a story is being told. The music in classical music tells a story without lyrics which is an immensely powerful thing. I feel that this applies to the saying "music imitates life and life imitates music". Recently song writing has wandered blume its way into my life. I believe there is no better way to express myself than through song. After a bad day, it's nice to be able to sit down and write about. It can make all your problems just disappear and float away.

happy moment in my life essay

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I believe music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotion. Whether the emotion is joy and happiness or sadness and despair through rhythms, harmonies and the lyrics music shows. The work song "A little bit longer" by nick jonas is such an emotional and inspiring song that when I hear it, i always come close to tears, especially when I watch it being played live. The effect that music can have on our emotions is tremendous, as it can bring people to floods of tears or bursts of laughter. The musical images that music and song are able to create are amazing. Music has the ability to transport me back in time just like a time machine. It lets me revisit lost and forgotten moments in life.

When I was younger, i didn't have the great love for musical as I do now. I mainly listened to whatever was playing in the background or what my parents were listening. I didn't have much of a care for musical compositions. There was sometimes a little bit of pop music thrown in to the mix here and there, but that's really all I liked back then. Whether I was in the car, the house, or anywhere else there was sure to be some beatles, buddy holly, or the dubliners constantly playing somewhere in the background. At the time i didn't care for that genre of music much, but now as I'm older, i enjoy it as it allows me to reminisce on memories from times of my childhood. Once i hit my teenage years music became my life and gradually started to inhibit my soul.

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happy moment in my life essay

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For me, being a teenage is one of the most happy moments that essay ive gone through and for sure i will never forget all those happy moments. This is because it was very meaningful for me and I cant explained if anyone asked me why all those moments are very meaningful for me but for sure it is such a great, beautiful and wonderful moments that I think nobody can understand. Words: 834 Pages: 3 Paragraphs: 8 Sentences: 49 read Time: 03:01. Highlight Text to add correction. Use an editor to spell check essay.

Music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life. My life without melodies and harmonies would be totally empty. Listening to and playing different tunes helps me to de-stress, relax and it can also help to motivate me in trying times. I love listening to music while on my way to school, as I feel it helps me to prepare for the day that waits. I think it is like the memoirs to my life as it has been there throughout everything with.

And on that day, all my wishes came true. All my family members went to the special restaurant which had been booked just to have a dinner together instead of celebrating my birthday. I really miss all those moments. Everyone was free from their work and I can saw a smile on their face. Lived in a hostel was also one of my happy moments which is priceless. I never thought that lived in a hostel gave me so much precious moments.

I learn to be independent,I learn to communicate and live with the person that I never thought that I will be living with them, I learn how to face all problems when my parents were not beside me and the most important thing was. My friends were always stay beside me come hell or high water. They lend me their ear when I need someone to talk, they lend me their shoulder when I felt like i want to cry and they gave me spirit and advices every time i felt down. It just a very nice of them,we study together,we solve problem together,we cried together, we laugh together and we often do everything together. I could not imagined how will I lived without my friends. As a conclusion, happy moments are priceless. It cannot be buy and it will never be buy.

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We made the school and felt very proud of us and managed to braught Kolej to the third place out of more than 100 school in Sarawak. It was such a wonderful moments that I will never forget until the last of my breath. On the 18th February the 2012,I was celebrating my 16 birthday. T was a great moment after all. I was celebrating my birthday as an upper form student not more a lower form. Eventhough I was not celebrating my birthday as my previous birthday party but it still fun to celebrate it in a simple way. I still can remember how my mother expression when I told her that I dont want to celebrate my birthday party anymore because Im now a teens enough and I dont need that birthday party with all balloons all over the house because it really. I knew my mom had a good intention because she wanted to be fair with all her children but I really dont need that huge party. It was more than enough if me and my family were having a great dinner together because my family rarely having a dinner together because everyone was busy with their work.

happy moment in my life essay

I was sitting for my pmr examination. On The 25th of December 2011,I was announced as one of the 99 person who got straights a in pmr examination. It really shocked me out. If we turn back the time, everyone must not believe that more than half of the students in form 3 achieve an store excellent result in the real pmr examination. Our batch were also famously known for our bad behaviour and because of that no one expected that we could manage to get that result including. It just like a dream but i knew that it was reality. I believe that everything happened for a reason.

to her house and stayed with them while my parents were out for work. I just did what they asked me to. When I reached at my grandma house, i saw many cars parked at the garage. I was quite nervous and soon i opened the door, I saw so many people inside waiting for. During that time, my tears suddenly goes down. It was really sweet and I thanked my parents for everything. It happened again when I was in form.

When I was in primary six at the age of 12, theres a moment that made me felt like i was the luckiest person in the world. Ive been announced as the best student with an excellent result in upsr with my others two friends. At role first, I didnt believe it at all because i never expected that I could got that such good result. At that time, everybody was hugging me and congratulate me for my excellency. I just dont know how to express those feeling but for sure it is beautiful, wonderful and amazing. It was such a good day after all. Furthermore, my parents also organized a surprise party for me as they knew my upsrs result. At first,I was feeling so sad because once i backed home with a big smile on my face, my house was empty.

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We will writustom essay sample. Happy moments, slip for only.90/page, order Now, happy moments are everyone dream. In my whole life, it is uncountable how many happy moments that ive gone through since i was small. Happy moments are something that made us very happy and it is unforgettable. It will never be erased out of our mind and we will always remind of it for the rest of our life. It might happens daily,weekly, monthly and even annually but it really happened. It makes us smile to the ears and sometimes it tears us down. I just cant imagine how does it feel if we dont experienced all those happy moments.

Happy moment in my life essay
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  2. On a holiday, i was sitting in my room after finishing my home work. There is not only one happy moment in my life that I brown vs board of education can share, but a lot of them that i am not Merchant of venice, shakespeare, about bassanio even able to describe them with my words. Free essays on Essay on Happiest Moment Of my life. Start writing remarkable essays with guidance from our expert teacher team. There are too many significant days for me to choose. I've had my life swing around time after time again.

  3. Happiest moment in life essay. We will write a custom essay sample. Happy moments are everyone dream. In my whole life, it is uncountable how many happy moments that ive gone through since i was small. For many people life balance equates simply to most happiest moment in your life essay personal happiness The source of a changed most happiest. We've passion in life essay got it down to four words: "Do what you love.

  4. It lets me revisit lost and forgotten moments in life. Songs can paint a picture, for example in classical and country music where a story is being told. Little Brother Essays Pariyavan Bachao jivan Bachao essays Successful College Essays Tge happiest day of my life Essays. Problem solution essay on child obesity. Write an essay my best friend. Essays about the world ending.

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